The Nebraska Association For Home Healthcare & Hospice works with Nebraska's state senators to develop effective relationships. The association and its members send emails and letters and call state senators to discuss legislative issues impacting the home care industry, and ask them to support or oppose specific legislative bills affecting home care providers and their clients. Members testify at legislative committee hearings regarding specific legislative issues impacting Nebraska home care. The Nebraska Home Care Association works closely with a lobbyist to develop strategy and build relationships with lawmakers and other decision makers.

Participating in lobbying and advocacy helps educate lawmakers about issues impacting the ability to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare services and supports in the home and community. As our population ages, the need for delivery of complex, highly skilled care in the home continues to grow. Advocating on behalf of our state's citizens allows them to remain in the safety and comfort of their homes for as long as they are able. One of the most effective ways to advocate is when our members host visits with home care patients to experience first-hand the level of care and services being provided. Members also lobby our members of Congress during Capitol Hill visits and at meetings when they are in their respective districts.

Nebraska Association For Home Healthcare & Hospice Public Policy Objectives

The Nebraska Association For Home Healthcare & Hospice impacts laws and policies at the state and federal levels that affect home care providers and patients. We do this by:

1. Developing and maintaining effective grassroots relationships between members and elected officials, including state senators and members of Nebraska's congressional delegation.

2. Providing insight and education for legislators and other policy makers on issues and priorities involving the home health and hospice industry.

3. Monitoring laws and regulations that impact members and their patients and keeping members apprised of the implications.

4. Advocating for the interests of members and their patients, including lobbying members of the Nebraska Legislature, members of the state's Congressional delegation, regulators, and third party payors as needed.

5. Working closely with national organizations, including the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and The Visiting Nurses Association of America (VNAA) to bring provider concerns to Congress, CMS, and other regulatory entities.



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About Us

The Nebraska Association For Home Healthcare & Hospice advocates for its members, in order to represent their interests and protect the services provided to beneficiaries. We depend on members to voice their opinions, share stories and insight to help us protect those rights and represent their businesses. The association strives to positively influence public policy efforts on behalf of members at the local, state and federal levels, provides regulatory and legislative updates and hosts professional development events to help ensure members receive up-to-date education in order to deliver care and services to their clients.





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