Member Spotlight: Amy Lauby

Company/Organization:  Craig HomeCare

Hometown:         Cozad, NE

Education:          BSN from UNMC- Kearney

Family:                My husband and I have been married for going on 9 years. I have two sons:
                            Wesley (7) and Beckett (1.5)

Hobbies:          I have retired from my part-time photography business to focus on my current full-time career; however, photography continues to be a passion and I enjoy offering complimentary sessions to families in the local NICU’s when time allows. I also enjoy camping with my family on the weekends and spending time enjoying the great outdoors.

Favorite TV Show or Movie?    Scandal

Favorite Vacation Spot:            Anywhere with sun and water

Favorite App or Technology: Good Budget. It allows my husband and I to keep each other accountable with our day-to-day spending. Also, Duck, Duck Moose games come in handy when I need to use screen time as a last resort to distract or entertain my 20-month-old.

Why Did You Choose to Become a Home Health, Home Care or Hospice Provider? I never imagined I would be in the position I am, but God has made my path clear. While working as a NICU nurse, my oldest was born at 25 weeks gestation. His journey has lead me here. I started in home health as the parent of a medically complex child and relied on private duty nursing through Craig HomeCare to go to work. During a 60-day supervisory visit, Meghan Cassel, the administrator at the time, mentioned needing help as her branch was growing.  One thing led to another and I accepted the position as RN supervisor in 2011. It seemed like a natural transition in my career path as my passion in nursing was following Wesley’s journey. My passion and knowledge grew, and I am now the Nebraska Administrator for Craig HomeCare. Advocating and serving families who are on similar journeys is truly my passion.

Mentor Who Has Helped Me the Most in My Career: 
Meghan Cassel was and is a wonderful leader. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share and has encouraged me along the way to continue to grow and advance in my career. I wouldn’t be where I am now in my career without Wesley and his team of amazing care providers along the way. I have gained so much knowledge advocating for him and managing his care.

How Do You See Your Profession Changing in the Next Few Years? 
I see technology playing a big role in home care. More efficient forms on electronic documentation in the field, telehealth and medical equipment/devices in the homes.

Why Are You a Nebraska Home Care Association Member and What Value Do You Receive From Your Membership?
I value the knowledge and access to education that the association provides, but most importantly the advocacy for the services we provide. There is power in numbers and, individually, we could not advocate to the level we need.

Something About Me Not Everyone Knows:
I’m quite an open book. Many are surprised to know that I’m a horse lover. Growing up, I was very active in horse 4-H and did not go a day without owning a horse. Sadly, I sold my horses when I became pregnant and moved to Grand Island due to lack of space and time. My 4-H leader donated her children’s pony to Wesley when they outgrew her. I can now do hippotherapy with him. She stays at a friend’s farm in Grand Island and I hope to eventually move her closer to Gretna since that is where we now live.

What Is a Best Practice or a New Idea You’ve Recently Implemented in Your Facility?
Due to the lack of night nurse availability, I have been using my photography passion to help generate a night shift nursing campaign to hopefully help drive more nurses to consider working nights.

Career You’d Like to Try if You Weren’t a Home Health, Home Care or Hospice Provider:
An alternative nursing career would be returning to the NICU or nursing education. Outside of nursing, I likely would pursue a career in portrait photography.

Share a Story About Caring for a Patient that Was a Rewarding Experience:
As a NICU nurse, I cared for a patient who had complications but no diagnosis. The mother of the patient was a single mom and was struggling with the unknown diagnosis. I was able to provide her extra emotional support during her stay. That patient was eventually transferred to Omaha for further evaluation. My son was still in the NICU as well, and we met in the waiting room frequently. I was able to be there and answer her questions and offer her a listening ear. We did not remain in contact after her child was discharged, but 1.5 years later, as I was going to meet one of our Craig HomeCare patients, it was that child. It was a wonderful reunion. It has been very rewarding seeing that child continue to progress and improve over the last 7 years, while continuing to provide support to the family.


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